HTC Global Digital Creative

UX & IA / Usability Testing / Brand Design / Brand Messaging / Digital Design Strategy / Photography

As Creative Director of the Global Digital Marketing team, my focus is to take the high level brand direction, then adapt it for the current digital landscape across 50+ country sites. We support 100% of product launches through design, user testing, production, and photo shoots. We also focus on continual optimization of existing digital experiences.

Below is just a small sample of the work my team has delivered and launched. My process starts with very early testing of rough sketches – for both messaging and design – through my internal user research program. Then iterating through static and prototype design comps, and refining based on internal stakeholder inputs combined with user research findings. My team also produces all video and photo assets used in our digital creative. We serve as an internal agency for the Global Marketing team.

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  • Marie Thacker, Creative Director
  • Joel Shoop, Art Director
  • Mia Fahmie, Creative Chief of Staff
  • David Hoang, UX Design Lead
  • Tony Yates, Sr Brand Designer
  • Landon Larsen, Sr UX Designer
  • Wes McDowell, Sr UX Designer
  • Brit Ruggirello, Visual Designer
  • Alex Wing, Visual Designer
  • Kinei Liu, Visual Designer
  • Sam Swenson, Content Strategy
  • Ken Ohnemus, Principal UX Architect
  • Mark Schlipper, Production + Photo Retoucher